Gifts of Hope


As a Cornerstone Family, God has opened up the opportunity to share our HOPE with 12 families we have connected with through our AWANA program.   They would greatly benefit from some help with providing Christmas gifts for their kids this Holiday Season.  If you are interested in being a part of our effort to share Christ’s love by helping provide gifts for a family in need this Christmas,  select one of the 12 ornaments hanging on the Christmas tree in the sanctuary overflow.  Each ornament lists the children for whom gifts can be purchased.

Since some of the families are large, you may want to consider pairing up with other interested individuals and together purchase gifts for each of the children.  If you would like to contribute financially to this effort, your donations will be used to help purchase gifts.  We would love to see you participate in making a caring connection with the family as you reach out to them in Christ’s love.

Once a family is selected, check with Jan Herrig in the church office to get a list of gift ideas for each individual child.  It may help you in knowing what the child may most appreciate.  Feel free to purchase what you feel is affordable, appropriate, and would connect with that child.

Our goal is not just to give stuff that will eventually wear out and be thrown away, but to share Christ’s love as we love and care for them.  Please consider how God may use your kindness to open an ongoing relationship in which His truth and love can continue to flow.  This is our prayer for each of the individuals and families God allows us to connect with in our community.

If you are not able to get an ornament from the tree as soon as you would like, please feel free to email or call the office to get more info or be matched with a family:
phone: 507-427-2208

The Insanity of God

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