The Case for Christ Series

Sunday Mornings
April 16 – May 7, 2017
9AM Sunday School Group Study
10:15AM Worship Service Sermon Series

TCFC_PastorResource_300x250Join us as we investigate challenging questions and explore the real evidence of Jesus death and Resurrection.   Both believers and seekers will be touched by the true story of Lee Strobel’s investigation that revealed compelling facts about Christ, that cannot be ignored.

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Week 1:  April 16, 2017 Resurrection Sunday!
Message: Investigating the Case for Christ (Sermon Begins at 30:15)

Week 2: April 23, 2017
Message: Exploring the Evidence for Christ
Central Truth: If the Resurrection is true, it changes everything.
And there is an overwhelming historical evidence that supports the reality of this event. (Sermon begins at 26:35)

Week 3: April 30, 2017
Message: Embracing the Truth of Christ
Central Truth:   Fulfilling God’s Redemptive Plan, Jesus became Mankind’s only way to be made right with God through our faith in Him, receiving His gift of eternal life and forgiveness, by which we become His children.

Key Resource: The Case for Faith by Lee Strobel
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Week 4: May 7, 2017
Message:Explaining the Good News of Christ
Central Truth: God has called and empowered all who believe in Him to be salt and light to the people around us. (Matthew 5:13-16)

Resource: Share God's Story Action Steps Share God’s Story Action Steps.pdf